I'm honored to have the support coming from all parts of Sweden, and this post is about one of the people allowing us to use her dog, her film, and the testresults on her dog for educational and informative purposes.

Here's a link to her page, more exactly to her salukis BPHtest (Behaviour-Personality-test)
Tomorrow I will sit down and start the translation of the results, and post that together with the video inbedded here on the page ASAP.

A warm Thank you Ninni for allowing us to use your materials.

I have my dog's MT, mentality test, on film if it's of interest. (Read the description for the film for mor info). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvX1CNHa0yI I'm from Sweden too, by the way. For working dogs like my Australian shepherd, they need to pass the mentality test and an exterior description to get the title KORAD. It's considered a good merit if you're a breeder. (Dogs like for example the saluki can not get the title KORAD even if they would score enough points). A year ago, my dog would have passed the test, but they changed the rules this year and thus he was 2 points short in the first half of the test. For me, the test is given too much weight. My dog did not tug or hunt "little prey" like mad because that's what I have taught him, inhibited him. Had I done the opposite thing when raising him - worked on really firing him up at the mere sight of a tug toy and reinforcing that etc, the outcome would have been different. Since I don't want a lot of those things, of course I did instead inhibit those behaviours to a more moderate level. Some will claim that these tests shows the dogs true nature, but since dogs can be up to 4 years old and do this test, that's hardly completely accurate, unless you're not giving you're dog any kind of training at all...

That being said, it's still an interesting test, to see how your dog reacts in those weird and often threatening situations. I for one got an excellent confirmation that the time I have invested training my dog to handle different challenges without overreacting and getting stressed out has worked. =)


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