"I have my dog's MT, mentality test, on film if it's of interest. (Read the
description for the film for mor info).
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvX1CNHa0yI I'm from Sweden too, by the way. For
working dogs like my Australian shepherd, they need to pass the mentality test
and an exterior description to get the title KORAD. It's considered a good merit
if you're a breeder. (Dogs like for example the saluki can not get the title
KORAD even if they would score enough points). A year ago, my dog would have
passed the test, but they changed the rules this year and thus he was 2 points
short in the first half of the test. For me, the test is given too much weight.
My dog did not tug or hunt "little prey" like mad because that's what I have
taught him, inhibited him. Had I done the opposite thing when raising him -
worked on really firing him up at the mere sight of a tug toy and reinforcing
that etc, the outcome would have been different. Since I don't want a lot of
those things, of course I did instead inhibit those behaviours to a more
moderate level. Some will claim that these tests shows the dogs true nature, but
since dogs can be up to 4 years old and do this test, that's hardly completely
accurate, unless you're not giving you're dog any kind of training at

That being said, it's still an interesting test, to see how your
dog reacts in those weird and often threatening situations. I for one got an
excellent confirmation that the time I have invested training my dog to handle
different challenges without overreacting and getting stressed out has worked.

Hi and Thank you for the link!

I like that you commented, and your critizism is very true! It is possible to train a dog for the tests, even tho we're not supposed to do it ;)  At  about 18 months I don't think our shaping/training of the dog is, in most cases that is, strong enough to realy affect the test results, I don't like when the test is "the most important", it should be used as a guideline for breeders and not so much for putting down an individuals dog.  It puts a dog in situations it isn't used to, and those I find are the interesting parts. In no way is an MH a faultsafe thing, but it is one of the better tests available in the world. (Wether we like it or not >.<) 4 years old I think is way, way to old to get an ackurate result. Personally I wouldn't walk the course with Kaiser, he's been too socialized and too trained to have a "clear" result in the test, and thats at 3 years old. He's just seen too much of life to have a "naked" reaction. A younger dog, yes, most definatly! And I won't recommend anyone with an older dog to do it either. The tug and small pray parts, in my point of view, aren't the most important ones. The things i find important in the tests are the fear/aggression provocations, to know how low or high the triggerpoint is in the dog for those reactions. Again, thank you for your comment and the link! I hope you'll keep stopping in here and feel free to always share your thoughts and ideas with us! We, as in the handfull of people behind this "little project" belive strongly and firmly in honesty and openness - so all thoughts, ideas, critizism and, hopefully, praise will be left open on the page together with the replies. It is so important to show the whole spectrum, not only of our dogs - but of us handlers, owners and breeders too!
11/28/2012 05:35:25 am

I must also add that this is the MT and not the MH. The things they test are pretty much the same, though, but when doing the MT the dogs reactions are being graded and the dog can pass or not pass. The MH is more of a description of the dogs reactions, but it's not something the dog can fail. =) Sadly, I don't have my dog's MH on film, but can at least contribute with the MT, that is similar. =) And yes, the MH should be done when the dog is young to get a more "natural" reaction, but I also see a problem with testing dogs between 1-2 years old, since that is such a sensitive age with a lot of other things going on that make many dogs more "skittish" than they might actually be "naturally". It's tricky indeed!

11/28/2012 07:41:13 am

I will, in a day or two, add a page for the MT-test too, with the differances and explanations... All this translation stuff is making my poor little head somewhat mushy. Again, a great big, big thank you for the input! I hope we'll get more dog owners and breeders here to leave their feedback and ideas. North American and Scandinavians alike :)


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